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Wildland Fire Season is almost here

Wildland fire season is almost here. As is expected during the first few months of wildland fire season fires begin to occur across the southern states, with highest likelihood across the southern areas, Florida and Georgia. Once into the summer months the fire potential in Alaska increases.

Whatever happens this summer Paramedics Unlimited will be ready to deliver highly skilled fire line medics to fire regions. We’ve already had the first one of three RT130, Arduous PackTest, and Physical Assessments. The day consisted of Annual fire safety topics, field medical training review, and shelter training. Paramedics Unlimited hosted personnel new to Wildland Fire and Medical with an indoctrination and information class as well. It was a successful and fun day. If you haven’t reserved your training spot for this season please email and choose a date from either 3/11 or 3/19, and join us in being ready for Wildland Fire Season 2017.

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