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Forestry Services

Supporting Our Wildland Firefighters Right on the Front Lines

Protecting Our Nation’s Wildland Firefighters

Paramedics Unlimited is a verified vendor for the United States Forest Service, providing EMS services to the brave men and women who battle devastating wildfires. When wildland firefighter lives are on the line there is no substitute for real-world experience combined with training and certification. In addition to their full-time jobs performing EMS for the fire departments they serve, they receive training from Paramedics Unlimited and on-going continuous education through the departments they serve. Our Paramedics and EMTs also have Red Card certifications, IMS certifications and include many Medical Unit Leaders. In addition, many of our medics have Technical Rescue Training which includes water rescue, rope rescue, and helicopter operations.

REM Team

Our REM Team is a one of a kind REM team that not only offers high, mid and low angle technical rescue capabilities with a full ALS compliment but is currently the only team that can treat a sick or injured patient while on the move, by using our custom equipment off-road UTV/Ambulance.


 PMU’s REM Team has had numerous rescues and extractions on wildland fires and in every occasion we were able to reduce rescue and extraction times by well over half as compared with using conventional methods.

Forest Service and BLM Agreement/EERA
EIN/SSN: 86-0363817
DUNS: 040997062
24-hour Wildland Fire Dispatch through our main phone numbers.

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