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Career Opportunities

With Phil Wurr’s leadership, Paramedics Unlimited’s priority is to create a positive working environment for our medical providers through training and employee mentor-ship programs, whereby experienced medical providers share their knowledge and expertise with new providers. As a medical provider himself, Executive Director Phil Wurr knows that when employees feel valued and appreciated, they will go the extra mile for their employer, clients, and patients they serve.

Paramedics Unlimited is a one-stop shop for health care services at wildland fires, special events, and wherever the need arises. Phil’s goal has always been to promote the best health care for the community and the best work environment for Paramedics Unlimited’s employees.

We are looking for experienced, certified, ALS professionals (ALS personnel include Paramedics and EMTs) and Registered Nurses to join our team. When staffing standby events, we accommodate the shift schedule of those who have full-time careers actively utilizing their EMS skill-set. ALS personnel also experience the benefit of being on-boarded as employees as opposed to being contractors.

If you believe you are an EMS candidate that can meet our high professional standards, please fill out our online employment application here.

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