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Government Services

Proven Leaders in Providing Emergency Medical Solutions to Government Entities

Supporting Government Projects

Paramedics Unlimited provides medical standby and related services in support of government projects. Our military-trained standby medical teams and proven experience from past deployments make us the “Subcontractor of Choice” to Primes.

From high profile government meetings to military bases and airports, medical standby can be a vital part of government planning.

One of our recent contracts was to provide medical standby at an Air Force exercise and rescue mission in May 2018 in New Mexico. Our ex-military emergency medical staff are highly experienced as well as having the right skill set for government and military contracts.

Paramedics Unlimited provides job specific medical personnel that include military combat medic background, hazardous materials handling, structural firefighting EMTs and paramedics, emergency room nurse practitioners and confidential non-descrip private care. Paramedics Unlimited can be very visible at events, where severe injuries can occur and participants need to know where emergency is available, to being very discrete and not marketed, but there.

Paramedics Unlimited can provide emergency medical on-site care, including military installation hazardous waste removal, site specific construction jobs and environmental weather disasters. We employ military trained and hazardous materials certified medics. These specialized care personnel are trained and carry cyanide kits and other specific chemical antidotes.

Our Government Experience Includes:

  • Assemblies & Government Functions

  • Military Drills & Installations

Please call or email to find out more about our Government Services.

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