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Be prepared to deal with unexpected emergencies at your next event. Minimize liability.

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Any group gathering could require emergency medical care

You might be aware that sports events such as motocross races, cycling races, martial arts competitions, etc. require medical standby care, but many other types of group gatherings are often overlooked. At a dinner or conference for 50 people an attendee might trip and fall, choke, or have a stroke or a heart attack. Immediate response is just as imperative.

Safety Benefits:

  • Pre-event site walk-through with safety, health and survival assessment for fire and medical emergency preparedness for some events
  • Two-person ALS team comprised of one (1) Certified Paramedic and one (1) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), both current on testing, certifications, disaster preparedness, fitness and code of conduct
  • Direct communication with off-site trauma ER physician
  • Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) Certificate of Insurance Occurrence Policy
  • Personnel coverage including general liability insurance and worker’s compensation
  • Medical control and direction by Level 1 trauma hospital


911 response times can take as long as seven (7) minutes following the call. Having an ALS team at your event is like calling 911 and having first responders arrive before you’ve hung up the phone!

Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Medical Standby Package Includes:

1 Certified Paramedic and 1 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with ALS kit, equipment and drug box. 

In Basic Life Support (BLS) emergencies, a single EMS provider can not deliver optimum care, such as when trying to hold direct pressure on a bleeding wound, while preparing bandages, to stop bleeding. And it becomes impossible to treat multi-system injuries, such as doing chest compression (CPR) while trying to open an airway or control bleeding.

In Advanced Life support (ALS) emergencies, a “single” paramedic or ER doctor can not deliver necessary care. For that reason Paramedics Unlimited provides EMS ALS “Standby” medical care, with two or more person treatment teams. It is not feasible to start BLS treatment, followed by ALS treatment, that might include; intubation, intravenous infusions, cardiac defibrillation, emergency drug administration and a host of additional ALS treatments, necessary to save a life, with less than two person ALS Teams.

 For information please see our blog post on this topic, here.