Event Services

Be prepared to deal with unexpected emergencies at your next event. Minimize liability.

Did you know any type of group gathering can require emergency medical care?

You know that events such as motocross races, cycling races, runs, etc. require standby medical care, but many other types of group gatherings are often overlooked. A dinner or conference for 50 people can experience an attendee tripping and falling, choking, or having a stroke or heart attack. Immediate response is just as imperative.

Safety Benefits:

  • Pre-event site walk-through with safety, health and survival assessment for fire and medical emergency preparedness for some events
  • Two-person ALS team comprised of one (1) Certified (off-duty Fire Department) 911 Paramedic and one (1) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), both current on testing, certifications, disaster preparedness, fitness and code of conduct
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) capacity including but not limited to resuscitation, advanced airway management, cardiac monitoring/defibrillation/ stabilization, controlled narcotic medication, I.V. fluid administration, and pain management
  • Direct communication with off-site trauma ER physician
  • Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) Certificate of Insurance Occurrence Policy
  • Personnel coverages including general liability insurance and worker’s compensation
  • Medical control and direction by Level 1 trauma hospital

Additional Services Available:

  • Extended hours of event coverage at discounted rate
  • Multi-day and multi-event pricing discounts
  • Customized services for events with specific or unique needs.
  • Customized training including full menu of ACLS, PALS, life support, safety and preparedness training
  • Building and structure hazard analysis at your place of business. Receive a 1-hour complimentary assessment appointment, call us today.

911 response times can take as long as seven (7) minutes following the call. Having an ALS team at your event is like calling 911 and having the first responders arrive before you’ve hung up the phone!

Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Medical Standby Package Includes:

  • 1 Paramedic and 1 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), both licensed and certified
  • Full complement of ALS medications, supplies and equipment

Please call for standby details and rates, or to schedule on-site medical standby for your next event.