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Your Unlimited Source for On-Site Paramedics and Emergency Medical Training

Did you know Paramedics Unlimited is the longest-running emergency medical standby company, with over 38 years of service?

Williams Decker 2004 BC19 DSC02945Founded in 1978, Paramedics Unlimited is still owned by Phoenix Deputy Fire Chief (ret) Decker Williams. He was one of just two firefighters who were the first to be inducted into Phoenix Fire Department’s newly-created ALS Paramedic Program in 1974. He literally helped “write the book” on 1st-responder care and is nationally recognized for his expertise.

Did you know there are different levels of emergency medical care?

Just like fire departments when responding to 911 calls, Paramedics Unlimited offers ALS (Advanced Life Support) teams (1 Paramedic +1 EMT). This assures the highest level of care for your event attendees. We employ off-duty fire department, ambulance and hospital paramedics and EMT’s. Don’t settle for BLS when ALS is needed, ALS represents peace of mind for you and your participants.

Did you know that providing on-site medical standby may lower your insurance costs?

Check with your insurance carrier. On-site medical support may lower insurance costs in addition to potentially mitigating liability exposure.


Paramedics Unlimited is proud of our excellent safety record. We pride ourselves in taking care of our medics and EMT’s, who provide exceptional customer service to our clients and highly skilled medical care to our patients.

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We are always looking for experienced, certified, EMS professionals (paramedics and EMT’s) to join our team. And when staffing standby events, we accommodate the shift schedule of those who have full-time careers actively utilizing their EMS skill-set. Our medics also experience the benefit of being on-boarded as employees as opposed to being contractors. If you believe you are an EMS candidate that can meet our high professional standards, please fill out our online employment application here.

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We follow Phoenix Fire Department Treatment Protocols and Standing Orders.