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Paramedics Unlimited

Onsite Medical Support at your Special Event!

Paramedics Unlimited is and has been the leader in providing standby emergency medical teams at public and private gatherings for almost 40 years. From sports events, such as marathons, 5 & 10K Runs, baseball and softball tournaments, including parades to resort conventions and private corporate gatherings, we bring the paramedics and emergency physicians to you. No 911 service is faster than continual on-scene ALS medical care. Paramedics Unlimited’s emergency medical employees are also your full time local fire department and ambulance personnel.

Are you looking for onsite medical support for your upcoming scheduled event? Not sure which level of medical support you need? Check out our Services Page to better understand the difference between basic and advanced life support medical care.


Needing a Certified Paramedic Firefighter to cover your shift? Could your Urgent Care Clinic use a Certified Paramedic to compliment your current staff for a few hours a day? If so, inquire about our Paramedic Registry by calling our main office @ 602-253-0549.


  • Philosophy

    "The most effective remedy for a medical emergency is a prepared and immediate response."

    -Dr. Kevin Rodriguez